We believe in putting Britain first. Only UKIP will give the power to the British people to regain self-government.


Includes details about Energy, Fishing, Health Tourism, Immigration, Social Housing, Sovereign Wealth Fund policies


Latest details on the European Elections in May 2014 and local By-Elections


News from in and around Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch, as well national UKIP news

The UK Independence Party is the UK’s third political party.

UKIP is a patriotic party that believes in putting Britain first. Only UKIP will give the power to the British people to regain self-government.


UKIP fights back against smears from the extreme left ...

There was a huge turnout in London last night for a UKIP public meeting headlined by Nigel Farage. Hitting out head-on against slurs and smears made against UKIP over the past few months, Nigel Farage spoke alongside Amjad Bashir, Steven Woolfe, Winston Mckenzie, Suzanne Evans, Sarinder Joshua Duroch and others. UKIP candidates and supporters then […]


Common Sense on Immigration

UKIP Immigration Policy is currently undergoing a review and update. The full policy will be published in due course. Click here to read a statement of principles on which the detailed policy will be based.


How Tory played key role in opening our borders to Bul...

I know it is seasonal to talk about the 12 days of Christmas but I want to talk about the 21 day countdown to the opening of the doors to 29 million poor people from Romania and Bulgaria. It does I think mark a pivotal moment in British politics. Now, very often in Britain, MEPs […]


UKIP Nigel Farage – Conference Speech 2013

UK Independence party leader Nigel Farage addreses the party conference 2013 UKIP’s biggest ever annual conference took off in a blaze of publicity with new policy announcements, tremendous speeches and an 1,700-strong crowd of members and supporters in Central Hall, Westminister. The expo and fringe events were well attended and there was blanket press coverage […]


Navitus Bay: A reliable way to get free, clean energy?...

Join us on Tuesday 14th October at the BIC at 9.30am for a photo with our 20foot “UKIP OPPOSES NAVITUS WINDFARM” banner. UKIP is not opposed to renewables. Hydroelectricity, for example, is predictable, controllable and economic. But we are against widespread use of wind, which offers an unpredictable and intermittent trickle of very expensive electricity, […]

David Young UKIP PPC Challenges Robert SYMS MP to An E...

Steve Unwin on Why he is standing as a UKIP candidate

Our colleague Steve Unwin explains why he took the plunge to become a UKIP Parliamentary Candidate

An open letter to Poole Councillors

Party Houses This situation has not received the full attention of the Ward Councillors for the 2+ years that residents have been exposed to weekend nightmares of noise, debauchery and abuse. A letter has just been released jointly by BoP and the Police, but says please negotiate with the people making the noise. They seem […]

UKIP national billboard campaign. Vote UKIP In the european elections on May 22nd


UKIP 31%

European Election Voting Intentions. Source YouGov / Sunday Times 27th April 2014

In the latest YouGov survey for the Sunday Times, the Eurosceptic party have moved into first place for the May 22nd European Parliament elections. UKIP are now on 31%, up from 23% on March 18th. Labour have consistently polled first, however they now move into second on 28%, down from 32% over the same period. The Conservatives remain in third, on 19%, down from 24%.


UKIP membership now exceeds 37,000! Up over 10,000 in the last 12 months alone! We are the fastest growing political party in the UK. The Party believes that our Parliament should be directly and solely accountable to the electorate of the United Kingdom, not subservient to the political institutions of the European Union. Continued membership of the European Union is totally incompatible with this principle. Furthermore, the party will campaign to restore accountability at all appropriate levels of government in order to re-establish the electorate’s confidence in our democracy at both local and national level.